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     I was baptized in the name of Jesus and was born again according to the Holy Bible. I have a new Spirit in me now and was wondering what was my ministry and wondered what He wanted me to do.  As a child followed Jesus off and on.  Now according to Romans 8:15 and Galatians 4:5, I belong to Him as His chosen son and was wondering what was my ministry.


One Sunday evening, the Holy Spirit, Abba, led me to a different church in town for a Sunday evening worship. I had never been to this church before nor I met the pastor. Both was new to me.


The worship service was very similar to the one I was baptized in and felt comfortable being there. After the sermon and worshiping was winding down, the pastor called me to the altar and prophesied over me. I was a miracle I was to get a taped copy what he said. I saved only the massage meant for me.


This message given to me from the pastor, I am calling it “Builder”. You could listen to it on the above player.


The Holy Spirit, Abba, gave me a passion and direction in helping build people’s lives. He also gave me to “tools” to make it possible. Everything thing what I had done or accomplished had no strings attached.


Since my walk with Him, the Holy Spirit through me, His son, made it possible in assisting or building these life builders. There is Power being a son of Abba. Being His adopted son, I have the authority to do these things.


The below examples are just a few things Abba allowed me to build. Please understand, I am not “blowing my own horn” but sharing what God had done in my life. Below are just a few examples. If you want details, please contact me.


  • I had employment with a company that manages at that time the GOES weather satellite. I installed and built Louisiana’s only satellite ground station for the New Orleans area. My station was the very first station to display and animate GOES satellite imagery for the first time for Louisiana’s National Weather Service Meteorologist.


  • Co-created and former President of the St. Tammany Computer Association. The computer club’s mission was to help computer newbies learn computers.


  • Assisted in building both a multi-racial church in the San Francisco and in the Oakland area.


  • Later assisted in building another multi-racial church in Slidell Louisiana and built its own website.


  • Loaned my Bible for a week in the San Francisco area.I loaned it after a Bible study in the poor side of town. When I came back from my job a week later, five people wanted to be baptized in Jesus’ name and did.


  • Healed a 10-year-old cripple boy. I commanded in Jesus’ name to walk. He laid down his crutches and he walked.


  • Healed a Central American Ambassador of prostate cancer. Laid hands in Jesus’ name and he was healed immediately. Went to the doctor the next day and found 100% remission with no trace of cancer.


  • In Jesus’s name, healed a woman with a cold with in 15 minutes.


  • Commanded a rain drought with in Washington DC Beltway for one year. The Holy Spirit laid upon my heart to do so due to Congress’s newly passed abortion policies. Also commanded at other times being filled with the Holy Spirit other weather events. I asked why the weather had to obey and He said weather has no soul. Weather had to obey.


  • From the transition from FidoNet to the Internet, I built the very first Pentecostal website in the state of Louisiana. It was used as an example for other Pentecostal churches in building their own church website.


  • Before the internet, FidoNet Bulletin Board System (BBS) was use to send emails and data files. This BBS used dialup phone lines in transferring data. It was expensive sending emails and data long distance to a long distant BBS. So, the local Fidonet BBS sent all their emails and data to one “mailer” BBS. That mailer in turn sends the email long distance and paid for the long-distance charges. My local BBS name was named and it fed the local mailer with my weather data.

    • I built mt own GOES weather ground station along with its own computer server. The weather server sent weather processed picture data to my second built computer which ran my FidoNet BBS Abba Father. BBS Abba Father then sent weather data to the mailer and the mailer then sent it to the world.

    • Why am I going in detail with this? I was providing in real time every 15 minutes animated GOES weather imagery. This was before animated weather pictures locally on TV and it saved lives.


  • Changed a city’s mayoral election by giving a bible to the city’s fire chief.


  • Showed me how He feed 5,000 bread and fish. Details are in this website.


  • Built several websites for friends and companies without compensation.


  • Building this website.

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