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I Bless The Day You And I Met

(Red text is an update from my original email)

Nov. 16, 2008

I had been reading some of my old saved messages and discovered this jewel. I wrote this when I was the Christian Motorcyclist Association Chaplain (CMA) here in Slidell, Louisiana. I had problems with their doctrine of using the “Sinner’s Prayer” for salvation.


The Sinner’s Prayer says that all you have to do is to say that you repent and allow Jesus in your heart and you are saved.  This belief requires no submersion or burial into water using Jesus’ name.


I believe salvation is doing Acts 2:38, “… Repent, and be baptized everyone of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost”. They are many example of Jesus Baptism given in the Book of Acts. Also, please read Romans 6:3-5 on why this is done. If you want further information on baptism, do a Google search on the Jewish word “Mikvah”. It will be very revealing.


I prayed for wisdom and knowledge on this subject. All parties I had discussion with matter I asked for prayer. Well with your email, it was the final prayer that broke the darkness over my spiritual eyes. I was momentarily blinded with "doctrine" on which I know better. I forgot the basics and had to be reminded.


During this whole time as chaplain, I had problems with the sinner's prayer. I kept hearing all a person had to do is repent and accept Jesus in their heart and they are saved forever and become a child of God. The way I learned salvation is through Acts 2:38. These to me at first blush were different gospels. I had major problems with that.


I prayed hard for the past few days and it was revealed to me that I have a very unique understanding of the different relationships with Jesus. I just had my spiritual eyes opened wider. This was needed! What you and I know on how to become the Bride of Jesus and then one day in the future, a ruling Queen with Him. Not everybody wants this nor lives in the Temple with Jesus. A kingdom needs all kinds of souls to live there in Heaven. Heaven is made for everyone that if judged by the books (Bible), found in the Book of Life, people went through the Great Trials and Tribulations, and His ruling Family.


BUT! I also know all people who repented and had turned over their hearts to Jesus are His. I also know that Jesus's judges our heart in our own and personal relationship with him. He accepts all levels from us from the least to the most. He is a wonderful and loving God!


I became confused because I understand one thing and I saw another. Again, Jesus in His little voice said to me tonight, I judge all their hearts according to their faith and they are mine. I was also reminded, some people the Holy Spirit falls upon them while others will have the Holy Spirit resides in them. I was coming from a point of view I want them to have the Holy Spirit in them. Not everyone wants this and it is not right for me to force this on him or her. You have heard me state this before, as long I see the move of His Holy Spirit in people's lives, I accept they are His. He is molding them and not me!


Jesus makes lemonade out of lemons. I prayed for a better understanding of my new position as Chaplain. Well I think I will be rounded out to be a good one. The main purpose of CMA is to bring one person at a time to Jesus. After he repents, we point him or her to a local church and let God do the rest. Now I do not have a problem with that. I will pray to be sensitive if that person needs more. Jesus gave me the tools to show him more of Jesus.


You truly had blessed me with your prayers and passion. Again I thank the day you and I met. Our world has been made better with Jesus in our lives.


With Brotherly Love,



In conclusion, Jesus’ Holy Spirit moved in seven Churches in Revelations 2:1 to Rev 3:22. They are Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamos, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia, and Laodicea. All the churches had God in them and their hearts. I must note that all had a reproach from Him except the Church of Philadelphia - Rev 3:7-13. I believe that this church was baptized in Jesus’ name and therefore cry Abba Father to Him (Romans 8:14,15). This church is special because “…and I will write upon him my new name”. By “dying” with Him under is His first name, we will get His new name.


Thank you for letting me open some of my salvation beliefs with you. I am open to further discussion and ideas on this matter. By discussing salvation, it blesses us all. We become better persons.


Take care and God bless.


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