Tithing -- Should You?

Tithing is a very interesting subject. In today's churches, most of them believe and practice tithing. It is a major way of raising money for the churches. This belief is not found anywhere in the New Testament after the Book of Acts. It is practiced only in the Old Testament supporting The Jewish Temple.


Tithing as we know it of today started right around 1870s. Churches around this time discovered tithing to raise more money for all the churches activities.


I believe if a church want to use Tithing to raise funds, the ministers of that church does not own any possessions of any kind including food but is provided for by the church. This is Old Testament!


We are living in the New Testament’s Age of Grace. Therefore, in the New Testament, we are no longer required to tithe but to be a cheerful giver. If you truly follow and led by the Lord Jesus, the Lord will lead you to give or donate whatever funds your heart want to give. If the Lord leads you to fill a grocery basket full of food for a poor person, do it with a cheerful heart. If He wants you to give $1,000 dollars to the needy, He will provide the funds to flow from Him through you to the needy. Again, you give with a cheerful heart. He will provide because it is His money. You listen, He provides!


The following websites and E-Book will explain in detail on what I am saying.


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